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FREE hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO

Lets face it, we're not watching the Hallmark channel hoping to be wowed by the storyline, amazing camera work, and impeccable acting. We're tuning in to feel the warmth of the holidays in the images they create on the screen.

It's cringe worthy to say the least...

It's like a train wreck. You can't look away.

Here's a little BINGO card I made to make the movies more watchable.

The whole family will want to grab a card and play along. My grown up boys even play.... Well, they will play along when I throw a 20 dollar bill in the middle of the coffee table, and award it to the first person to Bingo, which may very well be in the first 10 minutes of the movie.

This is also a fun activity to add to a girl's get together, or gift exchange.

There are 6 different cards, for 6 players!

Print on your home computer on cardstock.


To save on ink, and get a professional finish,

Create an online account at Staples or Office Depot/Max.

Click on Services.

Print & Copy

Copies & Flyers

Upload File

Choose 110lb. cardstock in standard white

Choose quantity.

Office Depot/Max charges $.61 a sheet.

You get two images on a sheet.

My facility usually gets it done within the hour, but I have no idea how efficient your location will be. You will get a text or email when it's finished.

When you pick it up, ask to use their paper cutter. Trust me this will create a more professional cut than you ever will with scissors.



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