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Free Pink Drink Recipe Card

We love a Starbuck's Pink Drink! We don't love the price, or the inconvenience of having to leave the house to grab one, so we set out to find the recipe to make these ourselves. That is not an easy task. While talking to the Baristas about the recipe, we quickly realized, that they don't even know.... grrr... Starbuck's has formulated a strawberry syrup that includes green coffee. Fresh out of green coffee, and not Really wanting caffeine in this, we came up with this concoction that is pretty spot on, and almost, dare I say, "BETTER"!

Here you go!

I love the idea of giving this as a gift for Valentine's Day, or some unexpected little surprise!

Grab a Starbuck's Tumbler on Amazon, or if you are handy with a vinyl cutting machine, customize your own tumbler. Print off this little tag on cardstock, cut it out, punch a hole in the corner, Wrap a bow around your tumbler and attach the card. Fill the tumbler with pink paper shred and you're good to go! You could even round up the ingredients the next time you're at the store! (The best place to find the freeze dried strawberries is at Aldi's for $2.69! You're Welcome)


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