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We have a handful of spaces available for the show. Please feel free to fill out an application, but please be advised, there is an extensive waiting list.

Vintage or handmade artisans are considered. This is a juried show. Your set up and display are as important as your product. If this is your first rodeo, no need to worry! We are a great group to get started with! We are here to complete each other, not compete with each other.

We do not accept direct sales.

Due to the amount of applications we receive, please understand that it is impossible to respond to everyone of you!

If you are approved for the June 1st show, you will be emailed no later than, April 30th.


Booth Space.

Circle Drive spaces are 10' x10'. Front yard spaces are 10'X10'. Most spaces are on grass. Electricity is NOT available. 

Spaces are first come first serve basis. (as you apply and fees are paid, you may request your space) If you are approved as a vendor, you may choose as many spaces as available.

A tent is encouraged, but not required. If you do use a tent, we ask that it be white.


All Spaces are $100

Vendor Rules.

For handmade vendors, your product must be made by you. Nothing mass produced is allowed in this market. Antiques should be displayed creatively. This is not a flea market type event.

Friday set up is appreciated and encouraged. Set up time is 10am until sunset , Sat. set up begins at 7am. Vendors should be set up and ready to go by 9:00 am!

Ready to go, means having your vehicle moved to the back of the property to the vendor parking area, and your product unloaded and displayed, ready for Early Bird Shoppers.

Failure to comply with these rules, will result in your removal from the approved vendor list.


You must keep your display up until 3:00pm.


No smoking is permitted in your booth. Please make arrangements for an assistant to help have your booth managed all hours we are open.


Sales Tax.

All vendors are responsible for filing their own sales tax records to the state of Indiana.



Please consider adding one day liability insurance to your booth. Most home owner's policies will have an afforadable option. 

The Madison Road Artisan Market LLC, and Dan and Ann Scarberry are not responsible for any loss of product, loss of sales opportunity, or injury occurred in your space. due to unfortunate weather or unforseen accidents. Please make sure all items are secured and free from falling.


Before Filling out the Application, you are agreeing that you read all of the above and are willing to comply with the terms and conditions required for participating as a vendor.

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